15-Year Copywriting Expert Reveals His “Ace Up His Sleeve” That Generates Over $10 Million in Sales EVERY Year:

The 54 MOST POWERFUL Language Patterns
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Conversion Cards: 54 Language Patterns That Convert


YES! I’ve spent the past 15 years collecting the MOST hypnotic, effective and impactful language tools, patterns and formulas like a kid collecting Pokemon Cards! And now I’m putting my FULL collection in the palm of your hand!

Just pull a card and implement the pattern on any piece of copy for enhanced results! 

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❝My conversion rate increased by 4%!❞

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- Sophie Byfield

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❝the Conversion Cards are so incredibly helpful!❞

If you’re having trouble communicating the value of your products and services, you may be spending more time feeling frustrated than feeling fulfilled with the impact you are creating for your clients. The copy and messaging strategies James teaches have helped me to strengthen the message that I share with my clients and future clients so much over the past few years that now I feel confident (seriously!) whenever I open a blank document to start drafting email or ad copy. It’s amazing to know that my messaging can help people to effectively evaluate whether my offers are right for them. What would it be like for you if you could TRUST that your copy and messaging was great for both you and your future clients? Start using any of James’s Conversion Cards so that you can see how quickly your messaging can go from flat to fantastic — the Conversion Cards are so incredibly helpful!


❝These conversion cards make it very easy for me!❞

My name is Julie Soul. I am the founder and co-owner of Soul Sparklettes Art and I’ve been using these conversion cards as I get ready for my next enrollment in January.

 I am redoing my sales page and often it’s hard to know exactly what to say. I can find myself overwhelmed and feeling like there’s too many things that I want to say and I’m not sure where to focus first.

These conversion cards make it very easy for me to just select one and make an intentional change that is going to lead to more sales, higher conversions, and reduce my overwhelm, so it’s a huge win-win. Thanks James and Team Wedmore for creating such an incredible product!❞


❝I just made 10k this month with ease thanks to the gold written on these cards!❞

I used to doubt my ability to convert sales until I realized that once you learn how to use powerful language patterns in your copywriting you can easily convert.

Thank you James for your Conversion Cards. I just made 10k this month with ease thanks to the gold written on these cards.

I will be using these cards every single day. They’re just too good!


❝these Conversion Cards made it stupid easy. my conversion rate increased by 4%!❞

Good copy and messaging is difficult for me to write, but these Conversion Cards made it stupid easy to update my registration page, emails, and sales page... one phrase at a time. I pulled out my deck and went to town on the registration page. One card at a time. And then did the same thing with emails and the sales page. Little tweaks of awesome copy make all of the difference! My webinar opt-in rate doubled, and my conversion rate increased by 4%.


If you had a way to improve the communication with your Audience, ...would you do it?

Despite what you may have been told, everything in marketing comes down to WORDS.


What  you say and how  you say it.

Think about it: Whether it’s a video, an email, a post on FB or a Sales Page, it’s all words. 

So, why is it that 95% of marketers, coaches and online experts have poor marketing results and disappointing sales?

Because they have not learned the secret to leveraging words that work.

In fact, the NUMBER ONE problem struggling entrepreneurs come to me with is:

“Hey James, how do I effectively communicate what I do in a way people will understand it?”

Sound familiar?

Have you ever sent an email and wondered why on earth it didn't perform?

This is why the WAY in which we communicate matters.  The problem of course is that most of us never learned how to communicate effectively... especially when it comes to getting a complete stranger to take a new action, right?

In this deck, you’ll discover 54 proven copy and communication formulas and concepts that CONVERT.

You can shuffle the deck to pull one card at a time, or even hand them off to a copy writer or a VA to punch up your sales page!

This palm-sized, travel-proof companion is the Swiss Army Knife of copywriting.

Take it on the go. Keep it at your desk. Pass it to your team.

Every tool I use to drive over $10M in sales year over year is about to be at your fingertips…

The “Ace up my sleeve” is now yours to play…

so Consider this 54 Card Deck Your: 

Complete Copy Checklist

Advanced Marketing Flashcards

Competition Squasher

Outsourcing Tool Kit

How to Use Your Brand New Copy Conversion Cards:

Step #2:

Pull a Card

Step #3:

Apply the Card

Step #1:

Write your Copy

Pull any card at random. The card will give you a copy pattern, description of how to use it and real examples.

Review your copy and see how you can apply the copy card to your existing copy in order to enhance your writing.

Whether it’s a social post, email, video script, or sales page, the cards work on ALL of your copy!

But wait…there’s more!


If you’re anything like me, once you are given the key to unlocking the next level to sales, you want to use it RIGHT NOW. That’s why when you click buy today, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to the complete digital deck.

You can shuffle the deck to pull one card at a time, or even hand them off to a copy writer or a VA to punch up your sales page!

Save the deck to your desktop for instant access ANYTIME you sit down at the keyboard. We’ve made it easier than ever to give your messaging the glow-up it deserves.

Conversion Cards: 54 Language Patterns That Convert

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